End-to-end consultancy

Business analysis

  • Coordinating the process of collecting and defining the functional and business requirements
  • Guidance on the application and implementation of the standards and methodologies specific to the field of activity (IFRS – standard accounting, risk management, etc.)
  • Support in defining and documenting the processes and optimized solutions that meet the identified business needs

Technical analysis:

  • Assess the business requirements and identify the impact in the IT solutions (BI systems)
  • Definition of the implementation proposals from a technical perspective, considering the requirements of the IT architecture, as well as the optimization and stabilization of the implemented solution
  • Detailed documentation of the agreed solution through the identification of the impacted IT systems and the individual changes


  • Developing and defining the technical architecture of IT systems that ensure the flow of data in the warehouse solutions
  • Set up the necessary platforms and environments
  • Defining the design and creation of ETL interfaces

IT Architecture

  • Establish the current architecture and define the target taking into account the information systems aligned to market trends
  • Active role in deciding the feasibility of introducing of new systems or changing the existing ones by assessing the impact and advising on what would be the optimal implementation decision
  • Establish standards of technical analysis and development by defining various concepts and their usage (eg. Surrogacy and historical analysis)


  • Analysis of requirements to be implemented and identification, together with the project manager and test manager, all the activities included in the test plan (participants, scenarios, data sets, performance metrics, environments required for testing)
  • Definition and documentation of the test scenarios, ensuring their execution and results reporting
  • Support for the users with the preparation for the testing exercise, ensuring a good flow of communication between the teams impacted and the project team

Test Management

  • Definition and support in the implementation of testing methodologies, as part of activities to support the implementation of projects or activities that require operational testing effort
  • Structuring project-specific testing strategy, with focus on the area of ​​BI, by establishing the necessary testing phases, coordination of resources, definition of the technical requirements (test environments) and data models needed
  • Coordination of testing activities inside the project in direct collaboration with the project/program manager, as well as consulting and coaching to develop such roles