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DevOPS Services

Site Reliability Engineering

Intended to deliver increased business value and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality service delivery.

Benefits of DevOps for your business

Released today not next month

DevOps ensures full automation of release cycles so time to market is
reduced dramatically.

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Lower costs

No need for huge upfront hardware and infrastructure expenses. Start with what you need and dynamically adjust based on demand. Pay for what you actually use as long as you use it.

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Improved customer experience

Using better practices with highly automated and self-healing systems, stability is drastically improved so customers can enjoy the latest features your systems provide.

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What we do in the process

to help your company grow.

Tools & Technologies

Select the technologies or create the tools needed for enterprise infrastructure automation.


Define and drive observability and alerting.

Highly Available Deployment

Ensure high availability deployments and services.

Principles and Concepts

Everything as Code

Configuration and Infrastructure.

Full Automation

End-to-end automation of resources.


Cluster management and application delivery.

Continuity & Availability

Continuous integration and delivery. High availability.

Modern Workloads

Distributed workloads and file systems.

Tools & Technologies

Containers first

OCI |  LXC/LXD | Docker |


Routing | filtering | load balancing | proxying | API gateways | service mesh

Programming and Scripting Languages

Bash | Python | GOlang |
Java | C++


Linux |
Windows Server

Deployment Automation

Terraform | Ansible |
Salt | Puppet

Cloud private and public

AWS |  Azure |
GCP | Oracle

Observability and Logging

Prometheus | Alert Manager | Grafana |
Thanos/Cortex | Loki | Elasticsearch


SQL: Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB

NoSQL: Cassandra, Mongo, ArangoDB, Elasticsearch


Distributed Block Storage engines: Linstor | Ceph | Cinder | GlusterFS

Object: S3 | Redis | Hazelcast | ETCD


VPN | Identity Management | Authentication and Authorization | Secure Protocols (TLS, mTLS, SSH) | Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


Bare Metal | Virtual Private Servers | Virtual Machines (VMWare, Oracle Virtual Manager, OpenStack) | OpenShift

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