Our team’s story

Our team’s story

We are young, but rich in professional experience, energetic, with an entire baggage of knowledge and the desire to add value and efficiency to every project in which we are involved. We do not like limitations, therefore these are well outside our way of thinking. We adapt to circumstances but we also do everything in our power to always improve them.

Regarding our professional training, we are an open book and happy to provide all the details here. We are specialized in:


We have a rock solid strategy to achieve success, both ours and yours. We work as a team, we are informed, we grow, we keep up with the times we live in, and we listen before proposing solutions and do not ever sacrifice quality. Our consultants have had exceptional training on the areas already mentioned, an extraordinary ability to communicate with clients and good knowledge of the business environment in Romania. Their participation in major projects on ​​BI and data warehouse has helped them to gain experience on telco and retail as well. These are, without a doubt, the elements that help us succeed together and that we will be using to ensure the success of your business.

We guarantee that our specialists will deliver quality services, meeting the deadlines and standards required by you. We dare to make such guarantees because we count on the projects undertaken by the team in areas such as banking, telecommunications and distribution, which represent not only an undeniable success, but also demonstrates the skills and flexibility of the team to adapt to circumstances.

IIBA – We give all it takes and play off our every strength to make sure our services are impeccable and they meet the exact need of our customers. Taking this into account, we have become members of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), organization that is actively working towards maintaining the highest global standards when it comes to the practices and certifications of business analysis. With them on board, we offer you the best of what we have: collaboration, honesty and integrity, innovation, effective leadership and last but not least, relevant solutions.