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Our background and experience allows us to offer you the highest consultancy and support services on BI and Data Warehouse. Whether we talk about integration field, developing and managing information systems, data migration or even Oracle applications, what we want is to offer an integrated solution that will help your business grow. Our goal is for you to obtain the maximum benefit from the investments made in Oracle technology and applications portfolio, not stopping at these of course.

Whether you need professional consulting, outsourcing and support, we are with you throughout the entire process, from the analysis phase, continuing with the implementation of the solution and ending with support services.

Our main field of activity is made up of selling and implementing of applications and technologies required in the area of ​​Data Warehouse and BI, working with Oracle, Teradata and Informix platforms.

From the very first steps that we’ve taken, we have dedicated our time to developing the area of ​​Business Intelligence. We have tried to gain as much expertise as possible in the technical & functional consulting area,  we worked diligently on the administration of Oracle databases, we made countless system analysis and integration of systems, but we have not set aside the tuning area, the development of interfaces or the reporting part.


Self-development or the development of your teams and business is achieved through learning. And we know one more thing. Each person has their own rhythm and methodology when it comes to learning, but each one can be as efficient as the next. Therefore, we offer customized learning solutions that are adapted to your profile. For more details please contact us at  learning@ids-consulting.ro


  • Informatica Power Center
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • BIApps
  • BasicTeradataQuery
  • MultiLoad Teradata
  • FastExport Teradata
  • Oracle Workflow
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer
  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Shareplex
  • Oracle GoldenGate
  • MQ Series