Data Modeller


Full time


□ Work with analysts / business counterparties to understand and derive meaningful data relationships and translate them into appropriate data models; □ Guide analysts on model limitations and capabilities, business terms definition, conceptual data model, mapping the new sources to the data model; □ Create and maintain physical data model in Power Designer according to best practices and internal modelling and development standards in order to ensure high data quality and reduced redundancy; □ Define and govern data modelling and design standards, best practices, and related development methodologies (standard column naming/data type/column order conventions, □ development practices, default values, historize typologies, technical/audit attributes treatment, surrogation methodology, stereotypes etc) to ensure consistency of data models; □ Optimize and update physical data model to integrate new data sources; □ Understand data flow between sources in order to design an optimal and performant data model; □ Make recommendations for standardization and proper data usage; □ Support testing phase in case issues are classified as having as root cause model definition; □ Organize data model workshops as onboarding of new team members.

Desired profile

□ 3+ years experience in business & system analysis in DWH projects in the banking industry; □ Preferred 1 year prior experience as a data modeler in the baking industry; □ Bachelor’s degree or higher; □ Fluent in SQL; □ Worked previously with power designer or other data modeling tools; □ Can easily and clearly communicate with business and IT colleagues; □ Can create good work relations based on trust and responsibility; □ Are team players, energetic people with a desire to learn and progress.

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