DevOps Engineer


Full time


□ Configure, deploy and maintain internal tools used in Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines; □ Work closely with test automation teams to streamline the build-deploy-test cycle; □ Design and implement automated provisioning and configuration frameworks in support of true infrastructure-as-code; □ Build developer tools to increase efficiency of the teams; □ Participate in the design and development of custom tooling to support high-traffic, high-availability services in a public cloud infrastructure; □ Improve the reliability and efficiency of core systems; □ Design, develop and maintain system monitoring solutions that alert teams before end-users are impacted; □ Work closely with other teams to understand complex product requirements and translate them into automated solutions; □ Provide best practices, recommendations, and guidance for CI/CD systems, tools and processes; □ Provide support to ensure mission critical applications and components are being monitored, retention and disaster recovery requirements; □ Research and propose new technologies and processes which add business benefit; □ Handle internal IT procedures.

Desired profile

□ Knowledge of DevOps practices; □ Availability for on-call duty; □ Experience with modern infrastructure-oriented tooling (Prometheus, Terraform, Kubernetes, Elastic etc.) ; □ Experience with container orchestrators (Kubernetes & Ingress) in a production environment; □ Experience with Helm is a plus; □ Experience in debugging, tracing and optimizing services; □ Experience with GitLab is a plus; □ CDN experience (Flastly, Cloudfront) is a plus; □ Solid experience with CI/CD practices including unit testing, static code analysis; □ Experience with GNU/Linux-based operating systems; □ Experience with Docker and/or other containerization technologies; □ Experience in implementation and configuration of infrastructure and application monitoring tools (ELK is a plus) ; □ Experience in supporting a production environment; □ Experience with AWS or other public cloud providers; □ Familiarity with load balancing, firewalls etc. ; □ Python or Golang skills are a plus; □ Ability to work and communicate with non-technical, business-oriented colleagues.

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