Enterprise Architect


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You should be insightful, inquisitive, and naturally collaborative. We are looking for a problem solver. You will be part of a highly motivated IT team and will work closely with IT architects, developers, testers and application admins, while keeping a close collaboration with the business lines.


□ Building the enterprise architecture vision; □ Ensure domain-driven data architecture evolution; □ Work with 3rd party service providers, starting at the RFP stage, POC, implementation, and communicating with vendors; □ Work with development managers and the IT Department in planning technological solutions, support of the development process, introducing new technologies and instructions for physical implementation; □ Work closely with the solution architects to give support of the technical and technological aspects of their solutions; □ Assist with optimization and scalability improvement efforts; □ Join ad-hoc teams/production incident/bugs meetings to give fast support and solutions for major projection issues / potential problems; □ Research and investigation of new and existing technologies, as well as examining their compatibility with the Company; □ Building the Company’s technological roadmap that is adapted to its business needs; □ Guiding, consulting, and training various teams and parties.

Desired profile

□ In-depth familiarity with complex development systems; □ At least 5 years of experience as an architect; □ At least 5 years of experience as developer / hands-on manager; □ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; □ Experience with adopting technologies, platforms, systems, etc; □ Experience with high volume systems and designing solutions for reliability and performance at scale; □ Experience with streaming architectures including cost analysis, performance tuning, and quality of service concerns; □ Decomposing monolithic service(s) to SOA / microservices and implementing relevant infrastructure (BFF, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Aggregators, Service discovery, Dockers, Kubernetes, API Gateways, etc.) – a big advantage; □ Experience with backend and frontend stacks – best practices, tweaks, under the hood, and monitoring – a big advantage; □ Experience with CICD pipelines and platforms, Git flow, etc. – advantage; □ Experience with monitoring and logging tools such as ELK – advantage; □ Understanding of cloud computing technologies, business drivers, and emerging computing trends – working with public cloud such AWS and GCP – big advantage; □ Matrix management abilities; able to drive and motivate interfaces; □ A broad and lateral vision of technological systems; understanding long-term implications; □ Presentation and guiding skills; able to convey messages effectively; □ Able to lead processes while demonstrating open-mindedness; □ Very high interpersonal communication skills; able to work with multiple interfaces in the Company; □ High analyzing and thinking skills and abilities; able to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

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